(HOMOEOS-Similar and PATHOS-Suffering)

Homoeopathy is a system of medical treatment founded by celebrated German physician and chemist Dr.Samuel Hahnemann born on 10th April 1755; he lived a long and useful life of 88 years during which he benefited humanity immensely by introducing this new system of medicine.

Homeopathy is based on law of SIMILARS which means “let likes be treated by likes”. This principal had been followed by ancient Indian physicians as stated in the proverb Poison cures Poison but Hahnemann was first to confirm this by experiment and observation.

Applying this principal, to know what a drug can cure, he had to find out what it can cause. This was done by administering it to healthy human beings and noting down its effects .Such experiments were called as PROOVING .Thus what an individual drug can cause i.e. the alteration caused were noted minutely and so it became the standard to know as what it can treat. Hahnemann adopting these principals cured innumerable cases .This system became known as HOMEOPATHY.

While treating the sick he found that the disease symptoms initially become worse ,so he started reducing the quantity of medicine .He founded that by reducing the dose patient improved better ,causing better effect .He further experimented on this and devised theory of DRUG DYNAMISATION where with use of minimal drug substance ,diluting it with some inert medium and letting it go through the process of POTENTIZATION the curative power of drug substances are aroused. These are called POTENCIES. Thus these potentised medicines has a great curative potential when given on ,law of SIMILARS.

Today this is proved with help of nanotechnology by IIT scientists that these  sweet pills work on the principles of nanotechnology .They presented the homeopathy paper titled, Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials.

Now WHO has also declared homoeopathy as second most desired line of treatment.