Dis-ease is the discomfort which is either experienced at physical level in form of certain symptoms or in the form of symptoms peculiar to certain diseases like cancer, diabetes , rheumatoid arthritis , hypertension, asthma, etc.in form of chronics or any Acute manifestations due to certain exciting causes. It can also be a discomfort experienced by way of our perception regarding situation leading to be gripped with pool of emotion. This is reflected at our energy levels which we can definitely sense if paid attention to .

 Homeopathy takes into consideration following factors which can contribute to disease:

  • Hereditary tendencies.
  • Causative factors since when discomfort was felt. Factors that increase or decrease the complaints.
  • Exact nature of presenting complaints, the exact sensations felt.
  • Changes in temperament since illness.
  • Pace of Disease.
  • How the person copes up in such stressful situation.
  • Physical make up of a person etc

Thus considering the person as a WHOLE and not as parts. The person is experiencing sickness in his every cell, though it might be intensified in certain systems. This has to be restored with appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Thus irrespective of name of disease homeopathy has scope in child care, mother care, adult care, geriatric care , preoperative and postoperative care etc.