I suffered from reactive arthritis early this year. I had joint pains all over the body particularly knees and ankles. I was recommended by my colleague to consult Dr. Sonali Bhonsle at Prana. I am thankful to Dr. Sonali for her treatment and the medication. I wish to acknowledge her for her passion, organised approach and knowledge. She tries to understand the patient’s background in great detail and makes him/her comfortable. I have already advised my friend to take her treatment for spondylitis and he too is happy for a good result. I like Prana facilities, overall ambience and helping nature of the staff there. I wish Prana continues to do good work and help many to overcome their health issues.
Atul Bapat Founder and Chairman Global Academy of Automotive Retail Excellence

I am a 38 year old women who suffered from severe shoulder and joint pain. I suffered a lot with my fear and so I contacted Dr. Sonali Bhonsle. She understood my problem and started a treatment for it. Today, after 5 months I see a lot of changes in myself. I got my confidence back. Thank you Dr. Bhonsle for helping and supporting me throughout the treatment.
Riya Khedekar, Homemaker

I am 38 year old female, was diagnosed with SLE about five years ago. Due to that I had suffered a lot with body ache, joint pains, skin rashes. Since then treatment was started. For three years I was examined by various doctors and went under severe medication, but could not get any relief. I lost hope and got irritated and also thought that my illnesses will be never cured.

It was in the year Aug 2009, I contacted Dr. Sonali Bhonsle through phone and explained my problems. Thanks to her patience and dedication towards profession. She understood my long agony and started treatment. I met her directly in the year Jan 2010. Today I see, lot of changes in me and recovered from all illness with the doctors medication.

Once again I thank the doctor giving me a peaceful life.

Sri Devi


We are writing this mail/ letter from Bangalore. It is to mention about your Hospitality & treatment given to my children, especially to my younger daughter


We are extremely impressed on the way your treatment has worked so far, which has brought lot of confidence in us to believe that “Homeopathy Cures”.

We still remember the days during Sept / Oct’10, rushed to your clinic based on the reference given by one of my good friends about your excellent skills of treating with Homeopathy medicine. Since then till date, we have not used any kind of other medicines to her health issues; (in spite of many challenges faced during last 18 months) is only the evidence of your Homeopathy treatment.

We have other members in my family, who has benefited thru your approach of “Homeopathy Cures, I treat”. Are my Elder daughter Bhargavi & Wife Mis. Aruna kumari. Today, we have first option as Homeopathy, before going for other medicines.

Above written words are only our expressions, but, it is lees written when compared to our experience had during your Homeopathy treatment at Pune.

Thank you for all the support & treatment.

Murali Babu. B & Family .

Mantri Splendor , Hennur Rd, Bangalore .

Dear Doctor,

First I would like to say thanks to you for the medicines which have helped Aditi a lot.

Previously she didn’t dare to eat burger, paneer, noodles etc. like heavy and junk food but nowadays she eats with lot of interest and enjoys all these food items.

Sometimes she feels heavy after eating but now she does not worry about it, which we find a big change in her nature.

Thanks for the homoeopathic treatment we received from you.




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