Dr. Sonali Bhonsle

I believe in power of nature to cure diseases. This belief is further strengthened by basic principles of homeopathy which are in congruence with natural laws. Having graduated as Bachelor in Homeopathy, Medicine and Surgery,I believe in holistic model of treatment for all my patients.

Dr.Sonali Bhonsle, is Homoeopathic consultant , at Prana-Worlds first Homoeopathy Yoga Centre, initiated by Mr.Rajiv Bajaj, MD Bajaj auto, since its inception .

Fellowship from,” The Other Song International Academy of Vital Healing”.

Did her Post graduation from Hahnemann college of Homoeopathy,London,with speciality in “Orthopedics”.

As an academician, she was Assistant Professor, Bharati Vidhyapeeths Homoeopathic medical college,Materia Medica Dept,Pune, for more than a decade.

She is in Homoeopathic practice, healing varied conditions  since 2000.

She believes confluence of Homoeopathy and Yogasan is sugar in milk for healing patients with Spine and Joint problems. Homoeopathy helps the immune status,  and Yogasan bring about the range of lost movement thus helping the stiff muscles to relax thus alligning not only joints and muscles but also body and mind .

She has  done her Post graduate diploma in Dietetics from SNDT University,Mumbai, and thus helps patients on tips on choice of food that heal.

She utilizes Confluence of Homoeopathy, Yoga and Therapeutic nutrition helping patients for restoration of well-being.

She regularly conducts seminars,wellness programes sharing the success stories of Homoeopathic healing motivating students,  budding homoeopaths, and  general public thus bringing awareness. She has been a speaker in Homoeopathic colleges,Corporates, Diet forum,Prana HYC, , enhancing effectiveness of alternative and complementary sciences.

She is regular writer in Newspaper on varied topics like Homoeopathic perspective in cancer, Homoeopathy and children, Myths and facts about Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy and monsoon etc.so that benefits of Homoeopathy reach common man.

Her experience about Homoeopathy is,

Homoeopathic approach is influential for prevention of illness and promotion of wellness on scientific principles”.

Dr. Sonali Bhonsle

The approach that I follow is of systematic understanding of each case through process of ,elaborated case taking.This is most crucial aspect as each person is unique and in-spite of similar nosological diagnosis each person will experience the same disease in slightly different way.

I stress on practical application of homeopathic principals as laid down by Dr.Hahnemann, at the same time , am completely open to recent innovation in this science based on the sound foundations of basic Homeopathic principals and thus utilize it for the benefit of patients.


  • Elaborated case taking.
  • Using different techniques of case receiving.
  • Being a patient listener.
  • Clinical experience in handling variety of cases.
  • Suggests appropriate Nutritional Tips, considering foods that heal & foods that harm.