Chronic disease are those that start gradually runs a long course and end in death if proper similimum is not received.

Every cell has life and it has die one day but the role of homeopathy is Preventive, Promotive Restorative.

By giving a medicine considering the physical and mental uniqueness of a person what is called constitutional remedy many disease due to genetic predisposition ,environmental causes ,life style disease can be prevented .

Health can be promoted by making homeopathy as choice of treatment as it is the system where our immunity is stimulated by “Similia Principal” and thus each cell is able to deal with its pathology in much better way .

Restoration of health and not mere removal of disease is what was said by Dr .Hahnemann which take place on basis of natural laws. If in chronic disease there is need for surgical intervention which is acting as obstacle to cure then we refer patient for same .Here too pre and post operative medicine can make patients more comfortable and thus helps to avoid surgical complication if any.