So the monsoon has begun a bit early this time and the soil has spread its fragrance to refresh us after the summer heat. This is the time to really go for outing n feel the bliss of Mother Nature. It’s a lovely weather.

Thus to truly have the fun of it we need to have a good health, which we can really have if you give some time to be aware about very basic things and how to deal with it under guidance of a qualified doctor.

As rains begin it get with it an array of infectious diseases, especially water born. Due to change in weather certain people find it difficult to adapt to the humidity and can get respiratory problems, certain people get musculoskeletal problems. The causative factors can be getting wet in rains, exposure to dampness, eating outside food n uncovered food items. Increase in mosquitoes n flies further add to the causative factors list n invite Malaria like fevers.

What bliss if we take care of all our issues with help of Homeopathy! Do you know why only few of us succumb to certain ailments while others do manage well in spite of same environmental conditions?
Its due to our immune system, “THE FIGHTING MECHANISM OF OUR BODY”. People having compromised immune system are more prone to certain type of ailments depending on their tendencies to get it. That means as no two individuals are alike so also two individuals suffering from the same illness will present with some diagnostic symptoms and some very peculiar symptoms during the state of illness, which decides that persons remedy. In Homeopathy lot of importance is given to the individualistic features of a person during illness, thus there is no place for common medicines for any diagnosis made .Both the diagnostic symptoms and the individualistic features are considered when treating a case, this make us consider the person as a whole .Thus a single medicine is selected from hundreds of medicines at a time, for that person. Considering the causative factors, environmental factors increasing the complaints, factors that cause increase in complaints, factors that makes the person uncomfortable or that makes the person comfortable.

Depending on the presentation of any disease condition there is fine differentiation between the medicines to be considered.
There are number of medicines for childhood tendencies like treating Allergies ,Asthma, Allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis etc .For adults too Chronic bronchitis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis etc r well taken care with these small pills.

Gastrointestinal complaints like Infective Diarrhea, Dysentery, Malabsorbtion syndrome, Ulcerative colitis, Acid peptic disorders, Piles, Constipation etc. have also been treated successfully with Homeopathic medicines.

Rheumatic complaints start bothering many people after the first rains, Dampness is a factor which increase their preexisting condition especially Rheumatoid arthritis, Spinal disorders, Frozen shoulder, Cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, Knee pains etc.

Thus just open your consciousness to get yourself going with Homeopathy which not only takes care of bothersome symptoms of the disease but also gets back the tremendous feeling of well being.

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