Cancer is the phenomenon of uncontrolled cell division, growth and differentiation. The normal cell division is a regulated phenomenon guided by functional units of DNA molecules, called genes. The life of normal cell is regulated. It grows, becomes old and dies automatically after its programmed function is accomplished. But cancer cells are immortal. They do not die automatically. The genes responsible for uncontrolled growth of cells in human body are known as oncogene.

But the human body is well equipped with self guard mechanism. These oncogenes are kept under control by self Tumor suppressor genes-TSG.Thus if the normal cell happens to acquire a new oncogene or lose the capacity of its TSG by some mechanism; it is liable to become cancerous with formation of malignant growth.

Carcinogens are known to cause damage to the configuration of DNA molecules.Ex: Tobacco chewing, cigarate smoking, eating excess carbogenic foods, excess eating of artificially processed food, sedentary lifestyle, environmental pollution, U.V.rays; excess drugging etc can act as a trigger for developing this morbid disorder. But there are individuals who in-spite of living a life free from above mentioned stimuli can also get cancer, although their number might be less. This happens as they have a predisposition due to genetic influence.

Suppression of emotions, History of bearing too much at tender age, multiple grief’s or mental trauma, thus trying to gain control over things which are extremely chaotic for that person stresses the system so much that it starts showing its manifestations outwardly thru some discomfort ,as symptoms. The worst thing to happen without understanding the root cause and treating only the local manifestation as disease, which further stresses the system and the disease is pushed inside. Our system keeps giving signals of the internal turmoil thru certain physical symptoms or thru altered state of mind. The more this is suppressed the more it grows inside like a parasite taking out life from every cell, taking the available resources and develops into monstrous dimensions.

The manifestation in the form of tumor or any pathology is the end result of this inside turmoil. In Homeopathy the physical manifestation in the form of symptoms as well as the alteration in the state of mind since illness caries great importance. In cancer tracing the beginning is very difficult or causes can be innumerable. Still through detailed history taking, most probable cause is ascertained, and treatment is started taking individual characteristics into consideration. This individualization is of vital importance in homeopathy. It can be based on:

  1. Causation
  2. Hereditary tendency
  3. Presenting altered sensation and function at physical & mental level
  4. Past history of recurrent illness and their mode of treatment.
  5. Stage of cancer
  6. Other therapies which are undertaken.
  7. H/o any untowardly reaction to any specific vaccination
  8. Any other.

     Thus considering the local manifestation as a tip of iceberg of something morbid inside, healing is based on holistic basis. In Homeopathy medicines  based on law of similar is given in ultra small doses which triggers the immune mechanism to deal with this monster.Dr.Cooper,Dr.Grimmer,Dr.Burnett,Dr.Clarke had done lot of work on this subject and have given guidelines to handle this dyscrasia,which became more common in USA during 19 th century.

Thus a healing based on symptom similarity, where the presenting symptoms mental & physical are matched with the medicine to be specifically given during that time, in required doses as per the individual responds to, so that maximum benefit is achieved for the patient. People who are habitually treated homeopathically or who have their healing power acting appropriately are far less likely to become victim of malignancy. It takes several years after the onset of cancer to get attention of the doctor. On basis of modern cytokine tic studies this preclinical phase may last from 2 to 17 years.

Thus we shall know how to enhance “The immune powers of our system for self protection “…in brief Homeopathic perspective…

Dr.Sonali .S.Bhonsle.

Assistant Professor Bharati vidhyapeeths Homeopathic medical college, Pune.

Consultant homeopath,

Near Kalanagar society,

Dhankawadi, Pune-43