— by Dr.Sonali Bhonsle

We daily hear about what can cause a disease or the factors that can make us ill. We go in life not living it but bargaining with it as to what lowers the risk of ill health. Our own interpretation plus what all we hear day in n day out really makes us puzzled. With this half baked knowledge we happen to further complicate our life by running pillar n post to find the right explanation which will suit our judgement.This ultimately lands us somewhere from where we can most of the time feel is there really any answer for setting things right?

Scientifically Dr Samuel Hahnemann founder of Homoeopathy had put it that disease can be presented as Acute or Chronic.

For the acute presentation there is an Exciting cause which triggers the response from the individual under specific conditions. This is reflected or experienced by the person as symptoms. This exciting cause acts on a person when inner homoeostasis is prone to receive it. This can be due to specific environmental conditions, food or drinks, social conditions, mental stressors etc.that the person is exposed to. It can also be acute explosion of some long lasting condition, under circumstances unfavorable to that particular person.

Thus in such conditions considering not only the nature of causation but the persons response to it with the kind of symptoms experienced remedy is found and administered with accuracy. This way an acute is well handled.

In dealing with chronic conditions the onset of such a case is most skillfully traced considering the physical constitution, moral n intellectual character, occupation, mode of living, habbits, social n personal relations etc.Thus the probable cause of disequilibrium is discovered which led to the development of such a state. Such a cause is referred to as fundamental cause or some kind of defect or inherited tendency which ultimately resulted in Dis-ease.

Thus the Homoeopathic physician rationally analyses the particular case and finds a remedy, which is administered on basis of similia principle.

This kind of treatment yields much better results, thus the Pranna- Shakti gets back in its natural movement and person experiences wellness.