HOMOEOPATHY- A Therapeutic approach

Homoeopathy, discovered by a German Physician,Dr.Samuel Freiedrich Gottfried Hahnemann in 1790, after multiple experimentation was put forth the world in 1796.Homoeopathy is a scientific ,holistic method based on principle of ,”Similia similibus curentur”.

It flourished in India since Maharaja Ranjit Pratap Singh was treated by Dr.John Martin Honningburger, disciple of Hahnemann for paralysis of vocal cords, and dropsical affection with the remedy Dulcamara. Its benefits were propagated, understanding the healing principals by Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Mother Teresa till our ex-president Abdul Kalam.

Dr .Samuel Hahnemann , graduate in allopathic medicine ,received his masters in Medicine from Erlangan University in 1779.He practiced conventional medicine for 9 years, but was not satisfied with the system of treatment of that era. During 18th century, medicine was on evolution with theories from magic, disease as a curse for evil acts, with theories and speculations. Having a reason gifted mind Hahnemann was unhappy with the harsh treatment of bloodletting, cauterizing, purging, leeching etc. This made Hahnemann dissatisfied with the approach of treatment and he left it, earning his livelihood by translating books being a linguistic.

While translating a medical text named, the treatise on materia medica by William Cullen, he came across the statement of Malaria being treated by Quinine, the active principal of Cinchona bark due to its bitter taste and tonic effect on stomach. This made Hahnemann to reason, as he was taught by his father-Never to be a passive listener.., and, to examine everything and hold that is true… Thus he experimented Quinine by taking it every day. In few days he got symptoms like malarial fever. After further experimenting with other medicinal substances he concluded that every drug when taken in infinitesimal doses, which he discovered as potentisation is able to produce some symptoms and can cure similar symptoms in diseased individuals. After years of experimentation he was satisfied that,” Similia Similibus Curentur” is based on therapeutic law of Nature, that a weaker affection can be taken care by a stronger one if they are similar in kind.

He was a man who believed in simplicity which we can be aware by studying principles of homoeopathy, benefits of reducing drug substance so that medicinal aggravation is reduced, single medicine at a time to know the effect of medicine administered, experimentation of medicinal substance on healthy human being in infinitesimal doses to know finer details as can be expressed well by human beings than animals, and theory of innate power of healing which is triggered by these small doses, which he calls vital force within.

He was the first medical reformer to stress importance of public health, hygiene, proper sewage treatment, good diet and regular exercise. During his lifetime he witnessed several epidemics like scarlet fever, cholera, whooping cough, diphtheria etc. where he cured and prevented deaths.

Today about 3000 remedies are experimented and proving’s conducted. Not a single medicine since 1796 is absolete.Medicines stimulate the healing powers within, and health is restored. This alternative system of medicine has opened a great carrier option for students interested in healing art, based on holistic wellness. Scope of homoeopathy is vast, we need to be alert about clinical signs of emergencies, and need to shift patients for tertiary level care as per the case.

The budding homoeopaths should allow their consciousness to be open and be aware of the principles and practice of homoeopathy laid down by Hahnemann in, “Organon of medicine”. Homoeopaths should focus on improving clinical skills, case taking skills, and case management skills than running behind short-term goals. They should take up this profession by interest than forced decision. They should carry on the academics and syllabus in colleges as an important measure to make their foundations of knowledge stronger. To be a learner in this journey of healing, as it’s the healing from within, the alignment from within, it’s all about discover the healer within which we are encouraging at Prana-Worlds First Homoeopathy Yoga centre. Homoeopathy is one amongst the therapeutic disciplines, which is laid on these principles. Confluence of such therapies, Homoeopathy-Yoga can be most healing and therapeutic.

21st century is an era of holistic wellness, body, mind connection, which Hahnemann explained well. Healing the sick on easily based principals and restoration of health has to be the motive…

DARE TO BE WISE—as stated by the great mater, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.

Dr.Sonali Bhonsle.