What if we build a healthy community? What if we have healthy youth? What if there is more awareness about ourselves and our actions!

Is it possible to build thus a healthy Nation? Is health just absence of disease? Is it that if we don’t have any diagnostic label against ourselves means we are healthy?

The answer is doubtful….So what is health, surely not only absence of diagnosis.

We can say that the process of dis-ease must have started quiet early &gradually have resulted in some kind of named entity in the form of disease.

So what if we seek help for ourselves with such system of medicine where the dis-comfort is taken into consideration & medicine can be given on basis of individual experience of the discomfort. This unique discomfort is experienced at physical level, mental level & is represented by our bodies as symptoms -the language of disease.

The experience of health can be in varied ways, where the person experiences energy, vitality, start feeling better in every way i.e. physically as well as mentally. It can be the experience of peace with one self. This can help us see things as matter of fact than building empty speculations about it. This is what can be attained with healthy mind &body.

We can build healthy community if we can take care of children. In Homeopathy we give due importance to presenting symptoms, attitude of the child during period of illness, about how the child react to situations, about their likes, their dislikes, about their temperament, their body built, their thermal sensitivity to environment, about the recurrent illnesses that they are prone to since birth, etc.Also mothers state during pregnancy is given lot of importance as the mother & the child is one unit till the child is dependent on the mother. There are many factors why a particular child manifests particular behavior. It is given in our holy book ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ that if the mother is taken care during her pregnancy will lead to healthy generation. This is what the TRUTH is. Science is there to confirm these basic principles of life, Disease and death.

Thus considering these individual traits, if treatment is based on this, we see that these children develop into beings who are functioning at the level where there is more awareness. This will surely help to build a healthy community & thus ultimately a healthy nation.

Homeopathy is one of the branches of medicine which can serve this purpose beautifully. So why delay..

It is the boon for our children who are going to be tomorrow’s builders of this society. Help yourself & let your children seek help from such a system of medicine …HOMEOPATHY..The healing science discovered by a German physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.

Dr. Sonali Bhonsle, Assistant Professor, Bharati Vidhyapeeths Homeopathic medical college, Mob.9371460427, www.drsonalibhonsle.com