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— by Dr.Sonali Bhonsle We daily hear about what can cause a disease or the factors that can make us ill. We go in life not living it but bargaining with it as to what lowers the risk of ill health. Our own interpretation plus what all we hear day in n day out really […]

Maro Devo Bhavo

–by-Geeta Iyengar from the book-Yoga rahasya A great Yagna avalkya had two wives, Katyayini and Maitreyi .Katyayini was Karmamargini,(one who follows the path of action)and Maitreyi was a Jananmargini(one who follows the path of knowledge).Yagnavalka had a huge ashram that housed thousands of students. Katyaini maintained and administered the ashram while Maitryi studied under Yagnavalkya […]

The Rheumatic Phenomena – Dr. Sonali Bhonsle.

Rheumatism is an old term used in medical practice for medical problems affecting joints and connective tissues. A person can experience pains, stiffness & soreness in specific parts,in joints or there can be generalized feeling of fatigue with aches and pains. It is all about how it started initially and how it progressed. With experience […]

Health Camp by Lions,Dr. Sonali Speaker-from Prana Homoeopathy Yoga centre

HOMOEOPATHY- A Therapeutic approach

Homoeopathy, discovered by a German Physician,Dr.Samuel Freiedrich Gottfried Hahnemann in 1790, after multiple experimentation was put forth the world in 1796.Homoeopathy is a scientific ,holistic method based on principle of ,”Similia similibus curentur”. It flourished in India since Maharaja Ranjit Pratap Singh was treated by Dr.John Martin Honningburger, disciple of Hahnemann for paralysis of vocal […]


What if we build a healthy community? What if we have healthy youth? What if there is more awareness about ourselves and our actions! Is it possible to build thus a healthy Nation? Is health just absence of disease? Is it that if we don’t have any diagnostic label against ourselves means we are healthy? […]


MYTH:  Homeopathic medicines are not used for Acute. FACT :    Hom.medicines are used both for acute and chronic diseases. MYTH : Homeopathy can’t give relief in fever. FACTS : Medicines used for all kind of fevers as per the symptoms presented by individual . MYTH : Homeopathy does not cure fast. FACT : Cure is […]


So the monsoon has begun a bit early this time and the soil has spread its fragrance to refresh us after the summer heat. This is the time to really go for outing n feel the bliss of Mother Nature. It’s a lovely weather. Thus to truly have the fun of it we need to […]


Cancer is the phenomenon of uncontrolled cell division, growth and differentiation. The normal cell division is a regulated phenomenon guided by functional units of DNA molecules, called genes. The life of normal cell is regulated. It grows, becomes old and dies automatically after its programmed function is accomplished. But cancer cells are immortal. They do […]

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